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I’m so proud of my victors. So proud.

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We need to unite these people out there. She’s the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.

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“What makes Effie interesting (in Mockingjay) is that she does not want to be there. Unlike Pluturch, she does not want to be part of a revolution. She has to be convinced to help, and she helps for personal reasons, not political reasons.” - Nina Jacobson

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Anonymous said: i don't know if you've watched pacific rim but raleigh and mako are actual real life ichigo and rukia k bye


that’s my favorite movie for that exact reason

they are practically the right height

i enjoy imagining ichigo and rukia reenacting this scene since before i watched the movie (thanks to hannah)

and this one

and of course this quote (x) -check my tag-

also some of us would kill to see rinko kikuchi as rukia in a bleach liveaction movie. I mean

sources for the gifs: x x

PS: and the movie is amazing. Everyone should watch it.

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Stronger than Before

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Mockingjay: Part 1 Posters

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R    e    b    e    l    s  of District 13.

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